Facilitating behaviour change for a sustainable future


Smarter Dharma is a social enterprise facilitating behaviour change for a sustainable future. We inspire, empower and enable organisations to progress towards decision making for addressing and mitigating climate change challenges faced world over


Our reason for being


Unfold better. Given the environmental and social limitations that plague the world today, we explore the possibilities and opportunities for businesses and organisations to reinvent and innovate for sustainability.


Inherent justness. Dharma in essence, is to do what is right. The passing of the 21st century definitely calls for a newer and smarter outlook to dharma; an outlook that factors in a lot of the inter-related externalities caused by our decisions.



  • Smarter Dharma was born in 2012.
  • 2013 began focus on construction industry.
  • 2014 began the hospitality sojourn.
  • 2015 was a landmark as we won our very first award for innovation.
  • 2016 became the year we expanded our impact at a policy level.

Yet, we are still a startup – in the early stages of a long journey!

Who are we


  • Behavior Change through internalization
  • Thought leadership through evidence based policy recommendations
  • Scaling through technology solutions

organizations . governments . citizens


talk . do . sustain

We engage with  

Sustainability is a complex challenge. Our approach to it is through pervasive effort – across all levels of decision makers, channels and diverse areas of influence.

We work with organisations across industries, government bodies, policy makers and individuals.

How we work 

Our goal is to mobilise and enable businesses, governments, communities and individuals towards sustainability thinking and action.

We get involved from the beginning, right from identifying challenges and opportunities to designing and innovating on interventions, implementing said interventions and creating a roadmap for improvement throughout the life cycle.

Meet the Team

We are a group of practitioners, experimenters, doubters, questioners, cynics and wizards. We are all constant learners of the art and science of sustainable living and we explore this through head and heart.


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